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Walldesign56 Self-adhesive photo wallpaper custom size - Temple
Self-adhesive photo wallpaper custom size - Temple

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Self-adhesive photo wallpaper custom size - Temple

Brand: Walldesign56


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This Wallpaper is available in multiple sizes and are supplied in wallpaper strips of approximately 64cm wide. The wallpaper is PVC-free, self-adhesive and easy to install. 

When specifying the dimensions you can assume the net dimensions of the wall. We ensure that overlap and a 5 cm gradient are included when printing your wallpaper. Based on the indicated dimensions, we make a cut-out of the image and send it to you before the wallpaper is taken into production.

This photo wallpaper comes with a free installation kit worth €12.95 including wallpaper, knife, sponge and wallpaper tray and a manual for easy installation of the wallpaper.

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