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  2. The following is applicable to the web page of By using this website you agree with this disclaimer.
  3. The publisher will regularly update the content of the web page and / or supplement. Despite this care and attention it is possible that the content is incomplete and / or incorrect.
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  9. The publisher reserves the right to deny you permission to use the website and / or certain services offered on the web page use. In connection then the editor can monitor the access to the web.
  10. To the editor, its employees, representatives, licensees, trade partners and the author of this disclaimer against judicial and extrajudicial measures, condemnations etc., including the costs for legal assistance, accountants etc. which are set by third parties arising out of or related your use of the website, your violation of any law, regulation or third party rights.
  11. Copyright The copyright on this website rests with or third parties who have authorized this (picture) material available to Duplication in any form is permitted only with prior written permission All designs and photos of prevails copyright. It is prohibited without the express written consent of, design, information, images and / or photos that are provided to copy in any way or distribute via No text, photos or graphics may be published or reproduced, distributed or disclosed to third parties without the express written consent of Walldesign56. Likewise, the user is not allowed to use the content of this website for any purpose other than what it is intended for. All intellectual property, including copyrights held by Walldesign56. If you texts, articles or images on our site looks under the copyright of copy-right, report it immediately by mail or telephone. We care, if proved, that this article is immediately removed from our site. Our items are placed in good faith in our webshop and unfortunately we can not control it through a database (copyright) or any form of copy-rights rest. therefore can not be held liable for this.
  12. Own texts, custom-made: We are not liable for homemade texts where copyright or copyrights have been issued, the customer will be responsible for the design, which is made in our text module. Or when a homemade digital file has been delivered and ordered. If you send us material and gives a command to continue processing it, is thus assumed that no copyright is violated.
  13. The copyright holder of the design of our products is Any reproduction, edit or otherwise use the designs for commercial purposes in violation of the copyright and is prohibited. If you make your own design provides for the production of a wall sticker, you must ensure that you are authorized to do so. You must ensure that the images may be used to find the wall sticker by you and the wall sticker we will produce your images will be used for private use. We reserve the right to reject the production if the image was illegally produced or when there is reason to suspect that the production could harm the rights of third parties. In case of violation of the copyright laws or other industrial property rights of third parties associated with the use of a buyer, the buyer shall indemnify the seller of all   claims will maintain its original owner if necessary.
  14. We offer our customers the ability to create their own text or deliver to. We do not know whether these texts are copyrighted. It may happen that a text is so nice that we will place it in our shop, for this we ask for permission from the customer or we investigate who the author is. It can happen that, despite further research on the Internet (via google and other search engines) can not determine whether the text is protected by copyright. therefore can not be held liable in any form whatsoever. But you are the owner / author of a wall text and want to text your wall do not see here, please contact us directly and we will ensure that the product is removed directly from our range. The photos on our site may not be copied are copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the author.
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