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How do I apply a wall decal?

How a wall sticker looks like?

A wall sticker consists of three parts

1. The White Liner at the back

2. Vinyl Sticker

3.   The transparent   Transfer paper at the front

Step by step instructions for installing v / d Wall Sticker

1. Put your Walldesign56 Wall Sticker design on a hard flat surface and rub firmly on the wall sticker with a debit card, credit card or squeegee. This way you Strengthen the bonding of the sticker on the transfer paper so that the sticker does not stick to the back of the liner when the liner there are collect. You can see this in the next step.

2. Remove the white backing paper on the back. Make sure the vinyl sticker on the front of the transparent transfer paper remains.

3. Place the wall sticker to the desired surface. Bring the top corners to the wall and press the sticker   solid from top to bottom against the muuur. Try to avoid air bubbles and folds

4. Rub then the entire wall sticker firmly against the wall and go well all the parts where the sticker is. Try to remove any possible air bubbles and folds

5. Slowly remove the transfer paper from a corner and roll it slowly across the surface down. As a part of the sticker on the transfer paper remains, roll the tape back a bit and rub it again firmly to the wall and continue unrolling .

6. Remove any air bubbles then still by rubbing with a clean cloth back over the wall sticker. On walls with a texture or plasterwork with a light grain is of great importance in order to rub the sticker very well to the surface. This ensures a good adhesion with the surface and the wall prevents the sticker and the wall comes loose sticker. This is very important to do to ensure that the sticker adheres well to the wall. Then do this carefully.

Hoppa! You're done, now you can expect years of your Wall Sticker Walldesign56.

Lots of fun !

What should you watch out for if you are going to stick your wall sticker?

Walldesign56 Wall Stickers can be applied to almost any surface smooth to slight structure like getexte or painted walls, glass, metal, wood etc. It is recommended to avoid concrete surfaces or plaster surfaces. Also walls with a very coarse structure as spachtelputz or Raufaser wallpaper are not optimal for the adhesion of Wall Stickers.

Before you start applying Walldesign56 Wall Decals, you ensure that the surface is dry and free of dust and dirt! If an area is not clean and dry you run a risk that does not adhere properly to the sticker and can then peel off after a while. The best way is to spray in your area as a degreaser and wipe them clean and dry with a clean cloth.

Before applying any vinyl wall sticker on freshly painted walls make sure you paint a minimum of two weeks to dry!

Applying your wall sticker

If your vinyl wall sticker is quite large as the World Map of Pin Points of a big tree, we recommend that you do this with a friend or family member! This is not only convenient, but also more fun! We recommend that you apply the sticker within two days of receiving your wall. This is because the wall sticker comes rolled. It is possible that after several days reduces the sticking force of the transfer paper, and this can lead to lump formation during the placing of the sticker.

Removing your wall sticker

If you decide on a day to remove your wall stickers, you can gently peel by hand. And do not worry, the vinyl wall sticker will not leave glue If you're worried about damaging your wall, you can remove the sticker more easily by using a hair dryer. The sticker will then be even easier to flake or peel is then easier.

Taste Sticker Order

If you are not sure whether your wall is suitable for a wall sticker? We can provide you free and vrijbijvend send a test sticker to test whether it will stick well on your wall. To order a sample for a test sticker? Send us an email with your address to [email protected] and we will send you a sample sticker so you can at least be sure that your wall is suitable for wall stickers before placing an order.

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